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The History of IV Therapy

The wonders of modern medical technology are seemingly endless, and while the glitzy new treatments and machinery get all the press, there’s a piece of medical equipment that has been with us for centuries and is essential to some of our most delicate procedures. We’re talking, of course, about the humble IV that’s used to administer fluids and medications into our systems through IV Therapy. This tool and process have been essential in making some of the world’s most complicated procedures possible while remaining essential to even minor procedures.

IV Infusion Therapy Has Been Around For Centuries?!

It certainly has! The first invention of an IV infusion device has been tracked to one Sir Christopher Wren, an enterprising Knight who came up with his invention during the 16th century. While experiments were taking place prior to this, it was his invention that laid the groundwork for the IV’s we use today. He also contributed to medical science by improving the microscope of the era.

Incredible Advancements In A Very Short Period

While the device clearly didn’t take off at that point in history, it would be much longer before IV Therapy became a recognized and respected part of medical practice. In the mid-1800s transfusions and infusions were commonly used in practices to restore patient health, and by the 1930s treatments for diseases like Cholera were being administered directly into the bloodstream. Today these devices are present in doctor’s offices and hospitals alike, and an important innovation was made in 1960 that showed that these devices were even more useful than was previously thought.

An Avenue For Delivering More Than Medicine

In the 60’s one Dr. Meyers created a cocktail full of vitamins and minerals that he regularly administered to his patients to positive result. He passed away in the ’80s, and his formula disappeared with him, but it didn’t take long for the medical professionals of the time to come up with their own version. What made this cocktail so important? It was the first time that medical science realized that nutrients could be delivered through IV as well as medication, and that opened the door to whole new treatments.

The Modern Age And IV Therapy

IV Therapy has found its way into almost every medical practice and is used to help restore hydration, to battle chronic conditions (including migraines) and much more. While it used to be that only doctors could administer IV Therapy, in today’s medical world nurses are able to set up these lines and administer prescribed treatments as well.

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