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Staying Active As You Get Older

To get to blow so many candles and to do it with health is an art that must be developed. Because although it is true that genetics plays a fundamental role in this race, we must also worry about the prevention of diseases. Genes contribute around 60% of aging, and the rest depends on environmental factors, modifiable by people with good habits. As Shakespeare said, “Our body is our garden, and our will is the gardener.”

So, if we intend to reach 90 and enjoy it, we must start taking care of our decisions from now on. We age as we live through the years and this makes it very important to develop certain habits.

  1. Be optimistic

The mind is key to good aging. Staying positive will help us live longer and better. Depressive people suffer a mortality rate 1.5 times higher than the rest of the population. A study noted that optimists are more likely to survive a myocardial infarction and recover more quickly from coronary heart disease than pessimists. Also, depression, pessimism, and feelings of loneliness are predictors of illness, death, and suicide.

  1. Keep the illusion

Having projects in mind and trying to achieve them is essential to aging healthily. This task, which can be so easy when young, becomes complicated after the passage of years. However, you should know that an investigation by the University of London concluded that people who plan projects reach, on an average, seven more years of life. You must maintain the ability to generate projects and keep the brain active and dynamic. Retiring does not mean that we cannot continue having ideas and developing them.

  1. Look at the future (old age) with positivism

Remove negative feelings from the environment and do not think that by the passage of years, you will have to stop doing things or you will become a nuisance. Looking at the future with enthusiasm and contemplating it with positivity can help us live for more years. According to a study conducted in Ohio between 1975 and 2002, people who had a more positive image of aging lived an average of 7 years and a half more than those who did not expect anything from old age.

  1. Feel useful

This means that you are an active person regardless of how old you are. You do not have to be active to be useful to the society. We can do other things such as helping at home, the family or even collaborating with an NGO. There is a dire need to “make efforts and stay active.”

  1. Abandon the sedentary lifestyle

Experts agree in pointing out the multiple advantages of leading an active life. It is shown that physical activity reduces the risk of suffering from depression, delays functional aging and reduces the risk of suffering from certain diseases. Specifically, a sedentary life doubles the chances of suffering cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes while increasing the risk of hypertension.

Hence, following these tips in addition to healthy eating can significantly help you stay active and healthy for years to come!

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