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Responding to Stress and Building Happiness

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Stress is a fairly constant part of most people’s lives these days, from the weary homemaker to the high-pressure executive.  This part of our busy lives can have long-lasting consequences that result in health problems, can impact our performance at work, and otherwise have a detrimental effect on our overall happiness.However, there are things you can do to make sure that stress does not rule your life.  For starters, check out this short guide on simple techniques for building happiness and managing stress.

Stress, It’s All In How You Respond To It
Stress is an unavoidable part of our daily lives, the busy world we live in meshing with the digital frontier to create a seemingly endless stream of frenetic activity.  In the face of all the things that need to be done we often forget the little things, and spend our days going through the motions while neglecting our most human needs. Paying attention to the following things can make a great difference in how you live with stress:

  • Keep Things Social – It’s hard to ignore how important having a social life is to managing our health and happiness.  Interacting with people in a positive way can result in a flood of oxytocin and serotonin, chemicals that help to offset the cortisol our body produces when under stress. Additionally, social activity helps develop our prefrontal cortex which we use to make decisions and manage emotions.
  • Stay Mindful – The practice of remaining mindful, or aware of what is happening in the present moment, allows us to manage our stress by avoiding fearing what comes in the future. Those things are out of our control, and by dealing with what is in our lives at this very moment we can take things one step at a time.  To aid with this disconnect from media and electronics for a while to clear your mind.
  • Keep In Control – Nothing causes stress like feeling like we are not the masters of our own destinies.  If we perceive ourselves as being helpless our cortisol levels can spike through the roof, so be sure to recognize your own agency in your day to day life.  Be careful not to go too far the other direction, however, where you perceive control where you have none.
  • Keep Active – There’s nothing like staying physically active to help burn off stress and stress hormones.  Exercise helps to burn off the energy generated by stress, and the time you spend exercising can provide a much-needed opportunity to ruminate clearly on the problems you face in your day to day life.

If you’re dealing with stress and would like help working through these tough times, contact Thrive Rejuvenation and make an appointment with a life expert like Dr. Ashley Hall.  During your appointment, you’ll get a consultation on the nature of your stress, its origins, and be counseled on ways you can face it with the services they offer.

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