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Is IV Nutrient Therapy Safe?

There’s a growing trend in the health and fitness sphere known as IV Nutrient Therapy, with new IV Lounges opening up all over the country. These facilities promise quick recovery from jet lag, hangovers, and even the flu, in addition to providing pre and post-hydration services for athletes. The question, of course, is whether or not these types of facilities are safe or even useful for their customers. We’re going to explore the growing world of IV Nutrient Therapy and whether this service may be right for you.

When Did This Trend First Start?

The first occurrence of an IV Lounge can be found in 2012 when an anesthesiologist realized there was a market for patients who had partied a little too hard the night before. Taking his kit and heading out to neighborhood hotels he offered their patrons a hangover remedy that would have them ready to face the day in just 45 minutes. Since then new treatments have been discovered that are best delivered through this method, including immune boosting and hydration for athletes preparing to do marathons and other intensive exercise.

Are They Really A Miracle Cure?

As nice as it would be to have a panacea, a cure-all, for conditions like flu, hangover, and other illnesses IV Nutrient Therapy is not it. However this form of treatment can provide your body with much needed nutrients to boost your metabolism, your immune system, and your overall sense of well-being. To find out if IV Nutrient Therapy is right for your condition, you need to seek a consultation with your physician and discuss your options.

But Is It Safe?

There are some medical conditions that make it unsafe for some people to receive IV Therapy, including congestive heart failure. Additionally there are medications and certain allergies that mean that getting this form of treatment isn’t advisable. Other than that it’s all about knowing the skills of your practitioner to ensure that you don’t get an infection or develop other issues that occur with any process that penetrates your body’s natural defense barrier.

What Should I Look For When Seeking IV Nutrient Therapy?

As we mentioned in the opening there are a broad range of offices that have opened throughout the US, but its important to choose one carefully. Getting this form of therapy involves the use of a needle injecting substances into your veins, so you want to make sure the location you select is reputable, clean, and properly certified. A sure sign of a good office is one that performs a medical evaluation before performing the procedure.

If you’re looking for a safe and reputable office to get your first IV Nutrient Therapy, call Dr. Ashley Hall at Thrive Rejuvenation. This Newport Beach, CA establishment has been providing rejuvenation services like these for patients in their area. Don’t let a long summer night slow you down, stop in for IV Nutrient Therapy and be ready to enjoy your day again!

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