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Boost Your Immune System With IV Immune Boosters!

The winter season is coming on us fast and with it all the coughs, colds, flu, and other diseases that make the rounds as families and friends come together from all over bringing their plagues with them. If you want to ensure that you survive the winter season with a robust immune system and without having to miss any special events, perhaps it’s time you consider an IV Immune Boost! Never heard of them? They’re an incredible way to help boost your immune system and help prevent you from getting sick using natural vitamins and minerals!

So What Exactly Is An Immune Boost?
What an immune boost does is written right there on the tin, it boosts your immune system! You’re certainly looking for more concrete information than that though. IV Immune Boosts are administered through an IV and include a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and critical elements that help reinforce your body’s immune system and enable it to fight off sickness more effectively. Also, you’ll be administered the saline solution to help hydrate your system and flush out the toxins that can interfere with the natural functioning of the organs that keep your body healthy and healthy.

Alright, So What’s In Them?

The cocktail that is used in an IV Immune Boost is no mystery and includes some familiar sounding vitamins and minerals, as well as a few that are perhaps less familiar. Below we’ll introduce the standard list of ingredients that go into an IV Immune Boost, though check with your physician to see if they use any variations in their office.

• IV Fluids –
Everything that’s delivered as part of the immune boost is carried by a saline solution that not only serves to bring these nutrients right into your system but also rehydrates you and aids in flushing out toxins.
• Vitamin B12 – This vitamin is essential for boosting energy levels, and has also been demonstrated to help boost concentration and prevent memory loss.
• B-Complex Vitamins – Along with supporting your cardiovascular system, these vitamins even aid metabolism in processing food, boosting the immune system, and are commonly given to those who suffer from migraines and depression as a natural prophylactic.
• Vitamin C – Vitamin C aids in the maintenance of muscles, circulatory system, and skeletal system, as well as boosting immunity.
• Glutathione Push – Remember when we said they wouldn’t all be familiar? This is what we meant. This is an antioxidant that helps to remove free radicals (known to cause cancer), fights neurodegenerative diseases, and helps to flush toxins from your body.

If you want to face the winter season with a robust immune system and want to ensure you don’t get sick in the coming months, pick up the phone and give Dr. Ashley Hall at Thrive Rejuvenation a call. Their offices have been helping patients throughout the Newport Beach, CA area and beyond stay healthy and restore their health and vitality for years. Don’t let the winter season get you down, call today and schedule your immune boost!

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